Coronavirus shifted our work routines, especially as most people were forced to adjust to working from home. Even after the pandemic, workers have shown extreme interest in working from home for at least a portion of their working hours. This has led to the idea of hybrid working, which allows workers to spend part of the week at the office and the rest working from home. 
After more than an entire year of working from home, restrictions are starting to lift in many areas around the world, and many businesses are choosing to return to the workplace. Every organisation will face different situations or phases as they slowly move their company back into the office. Before jumping back into office life, it's essential to consider what that is going to look like and how to ensure each employee's safety and health.ary on the main blog page. Click on this text to edit it. 
We're delighted to be working with Hireful who launched their help100 programme this month. This has been created to help 100 NFP’s and Charities in a time when things are tough. 
As restrictions have eased and people are returning to their workpalces whilst trying to adapt to our new normal, what are the issues in your business that are keeping you awake at night? 
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we're offering all essential businesses a FREE ATS for 12 weeks, with absolutely no obligation to purchase at the end of the trial. 
In an ideal world, we’d never have to worry about people issues within our businesses. We’d have highly skilled managers, perfectly drafted policies, and a workforce filled with engaged individuals who are passionate about helping our operations to reach their full potential. 
Recruitment for any business is always a challenge, but it becomes even more difficult for smaller companies when trying to compete with enterprise companies for the best talent. 
Our strategic partnership with recruitment company EasyWeb Group will allow us to expand our service offering. This means we can provide comprehensive recruitment support to all our clients, in addition to our standard HR services. 
A recent report from TUC, in association with the Everyday Sexism Project, found that 52% of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. The statistics are shocking, and they demonstrate that whilst we may have come a long way in recent years, there are still serious problems that are deeply engrained into workplace cultures. 
You'd think that because I run an HR consultancy, I have a list a mile long of all the reasons why you should definitely work with an HR professional to help you to hit your business goals. And it’s true that there are many ways in which I can help you to hit those targets and create a positive, productive workplace. 
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