A phrase coined by Peter Drucker meaning that whatever strategy you set for your business, it will be the culture that determines whether it lives or dies. 
Strategy and culture are interchangeable and intrinsically linked, they are as equally important as one another. Whilst senior leaders take part in strategy not all leaders take responsibility for their impact on culture. Organisational culture is everyone’s responsibility in the organisation.  
Culture often operates on a subliminal level, meaning we are not always aware of it, and yet it influences so many areas in your business, such as the way people behave, the way they dress, the hours they work and most importantly how they interact with your customers. 
A culture can be so ingrained that it can hold back your company's plans for growth. Diagnosing your culture is key to influencing long-lasting change. 
Do you need help to accurately diagnose your workplace culture and guidance on how to influence it for the future, call us for your no-obligation chat on 0798 393 6747. 
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