Management Training & Development 

Our unique blend of management development courses are intended for both new and experienced managers and are designed to build managerial capability, skills, behaviours and attitudes. 
We can create content that is based on your needs and give consideration to the culture of your business. Below is a example of some of the courses we can deliver. 
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Psychometric Profiling (Half Day) 
A fantasitc opportunity to gain an accurate insight into how people behave at work, answering questions such as: what are their strengths and limitations? How do they communicate? Are they self starters? What motivates them?. You can use this as part of a team building event to understand one another better. 
From Team Member To Team Leader (Half Day) 
Ideal for those who are new to management, this session will encourage new managers to think about which of their team members they are most worried about managing and begin to identify actions they can take to manage them effectively. We'll explore some of the challenges they will face as a manager and how to approach them with the right balance of ethics and pragmatism. Managers will be given the opportunity to reflect on their current skill levels as a manager and use the information to create a plan of action. 
Managing For High Performance (Half Day) 
By the end of this course managers will be able to describe what makes a high performing team and understand the role of the team leader/supervisor/manager. The training will cover how to set SMART goals and the benefits of having them and help managers to understand the importance of regular feedback and the need for it to be constructive. We will also suggest a range of solutions for dealing with poor performance in order to get things back on track. 
Disciplinary and Grievance Workshop 
This workshop covers the three legal steps to fairness and how to carry out a reasonable disciplinary investigation. Attendees will be given guidance and tools on how to chair a fair disciplinary hearing and decide on an appropriate penalty, how to manage appeals and how to manage grievances. 
Employee Engagement - The Manager's Role 
This course will introduce managers to the subject of employee engagement and help managers begin to understand why employee engagement is central to being a successful manager. We will encourage managers to identify what makes employees feel engaged and help them to understand the sorts of things great managers do to drive employee engagement and its impact on customer service. We'll cover what feeling engaged in their job feels like and the impact it can have on the quality of their work. 
Employment Law For Managers 
If you thought employment law was boring, think again! This training will enage all managers and build their knowledge and confidence in understanding employment law relevant to their day-to-day work. The training will cover recruitment, misconduct, poor performance, absence and termination of employment. 
First Time Leadership 
The First Time Leadership is aimed at those who are new to management and the course will enable managers to describe what leadership and management mean and understand different leadership styles. We'll talk about the skills and attributes of a good leader and help managers understand the impact they can have on motivation and therefore performance. We will spend time reflecting on their own role as leaders and areas for development within it. 
Coaching Skills For Managers 
If you want to your managers to become effective coaches, this course will enable them to describe what coaching is and what it is not!Managers will be able to identify the skills that managers need to be an effective workplace coach and understand how to structure a coaching session with staff members. We'll cover how to coach for development and higher performance and suggest a useful framework for a coaching meeting. 
Recruitment And Selection 
This course can be delivered as a one day course or two day course and the content adjusted accordingly. The training will help managers to consider the importance of an effective induction and training strategy and recognise the cost of getting recruitment wrong. Day one covers the key stages of the recruitment and selection process and the current best practice in relation to each stage. Day two will identify key principles for drawing up legal and effective person specifications and identify the purpose and key principles of effective short-listing in recruitment and selection. We'll also cover the disadvantages of 'traditional' interview techniques and highlight the advantages of structured behaviour-based interviews. 
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