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About Us

As the Director, I am an experienced HR professional with over 20 years experience. I have worked in hospitality, manufacturing and pharma and my experience covers the full employment life cycle, from recruitment to dismissal and all the stages in between. 

Compliance, compassion and HR confidence 

We take HR and personnel matters seriously, but we're far from stuffy. As our name suggests, we're fresh and bright, and our clients say we're a delight to deal with. We don't think HR has to be dull. In fact, we work hard to give our clients HR solutions which are remarkably seamless and hassle-free. 

From our base in Basingstoke, Hampshire we specialise in working with companies of 5+ employees, and we can either work on a retainer basis or come in on an ad-hoc, contract arrangement, reacting to your specific HR needs. 

We deal with all manner of HR, personnel and employee issues from the everyday to the crisis-point to the long term HR strategy. Whatever the matter at hand, our focus is always on delivering a solution which is fast, efficient and positive for our client. 

Tara Zest

Tara Anstee

Zest Expert HR Solutions

Our focus is always on the positive: we won't frighten you (or your employees) with legal jargon, we won't criticise and we don't take sides. Instead we support, guide and get results. We're in your corner and we're here to help