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As the Director, I am an experienced HR professional with over 15 years experience. I have worked in hospitality, manufacturing and pharma and my experience covers the full employment life cycle, from recruitment to dismissal and all the stages in between. 

Compliance, compassion and HR confidence 

With our HR Software the hard work is removed from managing employees and centralises all your employee information in a simple to use system. Automate time consuming tasks so you can focus on improving employee performance and growing your business. 

Key Benefits 

Get rid of HR Admin... 

  • focus on growing your business 

  • Automate holiday booking and sickness processes 

  • Your team is responsible for updating their records 

  • Receive reminders for key events / dates 


Develop and empower employees... 

  • manage your staff effectively 

  • Built in process for 1-1s and performance management 

  • Record and monitor employee objectives 

  • Allows you to delegate to managers 


Motivated employees... 

  • staff feel valued as you've taken the time to manage them 

  • Track training & career development 

  • Kudos feature - get instant recognition for a job well done 

  • View objectives and monitor progress 

  • Track benefits & rewards 


Attract employees... 

  • differentiate your business 

  • Demonstrate you take staff induction, training and skills seriously 

  • Implement a high quality induction process 

  • Smart performance management process 


Access on the move... 

  • HR works around you and your employees 

  • Available to everyone, when and wherever 

  • Online announcements to all your team 

  • Email reminders of key events 

  • Shared documents and templates 

  • Key Features 


Holiday booking 

Automate holiday booking with a simple to use online approval process. 


Performance Management 

Manage employee reviews and objectives to improve performance 


Control Sickness Absence 

Record and track employee sickness. 


Employee records 

Keep all employee information and documents in one, secure central location. 


Better Team Communication 

Instantly share praise with your team with kudos. Use grapevine to share company news.  


Document Management 

Keep all employee related documents in one central location. 


Expenses and Time Logging 

Complete and approve expenses and time logs online. 


Custom fields 

Create up to 5 custom fields 

Smarter employee management 

Recruit, retain, develop and manage your team. 

We’ve been using breatheHR for a year and we’re really impressed with the simplicity of the product. This is backed up by a great support team who are always on hand to help me with any questions.


Marc Gumbrill

This system is so easy to use, covers all the angles and at a great price too. I am very impressed so much so that I recommended it to like-minded business associates in the hope it can do the same for them


Sam Francis

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