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Recruitment Software

Why choose an applicant tracking system (ATS)? 

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) enables you to manage all your recruitment needs in one easy to manage portal. From placing recruitment adverts to scheduling interviews, our ATS offers all you need to manage the full recruitment life cycle easily and efficiently.  


Recruiter portal 

This is where you manage all your jobs. You are able to publish/unpublish jobs, reject/progress applicants, schedule interviews and lots more. 


Your jobs on your website / careers page 

Publish your jobs quickly and easily directly to your website and job boards with one click! 


Application forms 

The perfect solution for clients who do not use CVs - you can create your own application form to capture the information you need! 


Scheduling interviews 

Schedule multiple interviews for the same job in an easy 3 step process. This includes interviewers and interviewees being sent confirmation emails with appointments that they can easily add to their calendar. All interviews are then viewable in the interview calendar in the ATS. 


Processing applicants 

You can shortlist applicants or hiring managers can have have applicant details emailed to them and process / reject with personalised templates. 


Recruitment agencies 

The ATS can help you formalise your list of preferred agencies and then control which agencies are working on which of your jobs. New agencies approaching your organisation via sales calls/emails can also be directed to register their interest via your own “Prospective agency registration form”. 



The reports centre provides you with a full suite of reports. This includes reports on source of applicants/interviews/hires, time to interview/hire, cost per applicant/interview/hire and much more.